Cromeleon NFT

 Welcome To The Cronos Jungle!

CROmeleon’s are a unique and limited collection of 2,222 NFTs that deliver utility and a bold sense of personality. We are the first project on the Cronos chain to use an HD macro image of a real-life chameleon for the scale textures of our art.  
Each trait was hand-drawn by our artist, and we aim to provide value to our holders by focusing on utilities such as staking funded 100% by royalties that go back to the holders.

     In addition to long-term plans for utility, a percentage of all proceeds will be donated to a charity of the communities choice upon the completion of mint!

                            Public Mint Price:
250 CRO

                         Whitelist Mint Price: 200 CRO

Utility Roadmap

When it comes to Cromeleons, it pays to own one! Our team is focused on providing not only a piece of art, but one that allows our holders to experience the luxury of passive income.

         Staking Rewards:

When holding a Cromeleon, you are granted the ability to stake your NFT for monetary rewards funded 100% from royalties from secondary market sales. This will take place once our mint is 100% completed and we will be staking on Crodex’s NFT platform!

            Access Granted:

When holding two or more or CROmeleons, you are granted exclusive access to the 2nd upcoming drop. We also aim to do exclusive contests/ giveaways for our holders after mint is 100% completed. 

         Rarity Ranking System:

Each NFT will be categorized by their rarity. We will have a unique ranking system that ranks each individual trait. This essentially means that some CROmeleon NFT’s will be considered more valuable than others.



We will be occasionally airdropping holders of two or more CROmeleons rewards simply for owning
a CROmeleon NFT! (Details to come after mint is completed


The CromeleonDAO (
decentralized autonomous organization) will be a system put in place for all CROmeleon holders. This will give all holders the power to cast their vote towards proposals put forward by the team.

1 CROmeleon NFT = 1 Vote!

                    Charity Donations:

We will be ensuring that a percentage of proceeds go to a charity of the communities choice upon completion of mint. Being a CROmeleon holder grants you the privilege of being able to make your voice heard and this is where our CROmeleon DAO will come into place!

Our Team

      Head Cromeleon



    (Community Manager)


Our Partners



Loot Network



Frequently Asked Questions

4,444 CROmeleon NFT's will be minted.

How do you get on the whitelist?

The first 250 members in the discord will be automatically given the "OG Cromeleon" role. This will grant all 250 members access to the Whitelist price of 200 CRO when minting goes public. You can also get on the whitelist by doing one of these 2 things!

1. Hold an EbisusBay Founding Member NFT in your wallet :ebisu:
2. Hold a MINIMUM of 1 million LOOT in your wallet (Find LOOT on Crodex!):LootNetwork:

You will be able to mint them directly on !!

It will take place February 15th at 6:30UTC on

LOOT is the currency of the Loot Network. You can purchase LOOT for CRO at For more information, please visit

Whitelist price will be 200CRO, and public sale price will be 250CRO. Loot Token holders, as well as EbisusBay founding member NFT holders will also be granted access to the whitelist price.

Staking will begin after completion of mint and will happen via Crodex!